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SEASON -  league season

RANK -  rank based off total points (tie-breakers calculated at season-end)

TEAM - team name and base location

GP - games played

W - wins

L - losses

GF - goals for (total goals scored by a team)

GA - goals against (total goals scored by opponent's team)

(+/-) - goals differential

W% - win percentage (W / GP)

C - team total callahans

HT - team total hat tricks

UT - universe point game total (UPW + UPL)

UW - universe point game wins

UL - universe point game losses

FT - forfeit game total (FW + FL)

FW - forfeit game wins

FL - forfeit game losses

RP -  rostered players (includes subs)

AGE - average team age (in years)

P% - participation percentage (PGP / TGP)

PT - POINTS = wins, losses, universe point losses (W + L + UPL)

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