Age Average    Oldest - Season
Age Average    Oldest - Season
Assists    Most - Season
Callahans    Most - Season
Callahans Per Game Average    Highest - Season
Games Played    Most - Season
Games Played by Location    Most - Season
Games Played by Month    Most - Season
Games Played by Surface Type    Most - Season
Games Played by Start Time    Most - Season
Games Played Per Team    Most - Season

Goals    Most - Season
Goals Average by Both Teams    Highest - Season
Goals Average by Losing Team    Highest - Season
Goals Average by Winning Team    Highest - Season
Goal Differential Average by Both Teams    Highest - Season
Hat Tricks    Most - Season
Hat Tricks Per Game Average    Highest - Season
Participation Percentage    Highest - Season
Players    Most - Season
Players from Different Countries    Most - Season
Players from South Korea    Most - Season
Players from South Korea Percentage    Highest - Season
Players Per Team Average    Highest - Season
Points    Most - Season
Teams    Most - Season

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